Secure yourself a 15€ discount!

Secure yourself a 15€ discount!

POP-Comics, our artist alley main sponsor for DoKomi 2018, supports actively up to 200 fanbooths with a discount of 15,-€ on their booth order. To get the discount, simply upload your webcomic to popcomics.com and copy the link to that in your booth order. (this can still be done after you sent us your order) Please note the following terms and conditions:

  • The discount is 15,-€ per booth (including VAT/Umsatzsteuer)
  • The maximum amount of supported booths is limited to 200
  • The first come first serve principle applies
  • The uploaded webcomic needs to contain 10 pages at least and to be written in german
  • The webcomic can be a single chapter or multiple ones, both is ok
  • The discount can only be accounted for once per artist and booth
  • If you upload your comic to popcomics.com, popcomics will receive no rights in your work in any way
  • The webcomic needs to stay uploaded until at least the 1st of june 2018
  • Discounts can be applied for until the 28th of february 2018 - as long as there are open spots left

We like to thank our partner POP comics for their support and hope, that we can help you with this offer! :3

You can enter the link after you submitted your booking using the "My bookings" section.